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Why Choose Kuldipak as your Business Coach or adopt his Business Consulting Services?

Kuldipak Marwaha, recently qualified from the University Of Oxford on his Coaching Supervision programme. He initially founded The Coaching Experts in 2018’. He draws upon a 12-year experience of delivering Leadership, Innovation and Business/Management Consulting solutions. Over a 12-year time-span, 600 non-financial small projects have been delivered to Small/Medium Sized Enterprises.

Real Life Case Study 1

The first case study examined a struggling entrepreneur named ‘Fred X’, who in 2008 was leading a small mobile store business in Derby. This entrepreneur struggled with marketing solutions for his business. I started to conduct Business Consulting for this entrepreneur in 2008, and was able to supply real marketing solutions to help turn business around. From a turnover of just £10,000, I supported the entrepreneur to turnover a sum of over £1 Million GBP in just one decade. The entrepreneur decided to go to America in 2015, where he excelled the business into a Multi Million Dollar business. I now support this entrepreneur with Leadership and Innovation solutions.

Real Life Case Study 2

An individual named ‘David H', a good friend, who was seeking support to become a Software Developing entrepreneur in 2013. I supported him to develop a critical framework for his Freelance business, where his previous turnover was £15,000 per year. Through Business Consulting guidance, his business developed from turning over £15,000 to £300,000 a year. A continual working relationship still exists, where new tweaks to business models, new marketing leading strategies, forecasting and now conducting a 10 year business plan from the current outlook of 2020 through to 2030.

Real Life Case Study 3

An individual named 'Ken A', who struggled with business formations marketing and cash flow issues during the year of 2013. The turnover for his business was not hitting the right targets. He was making a loss of £30,000 a year. By providing the right cash flow and marketing solutions, in 2014 he turned over £250,000, in 2015, turnover(s) represented to £500,000 and in 2016, turnover amounts were £1 Million GBP. I still support this entrepreneur, now supporting him overcome the challenge of Covid-19.

Real Life Case Study 4

Worked with Trees For Derby, Eco Sikh Society and University Of Derby, Multi Faith Centre to help plant 5,000 trees. The function date was set on Saturday, 21st day of March 2020. Worked on this project successfully over 1 year to help, support and plant 5,000 trees. I personally took charge, targeted the right groups and eventually, within the space of a 1-week, the team and I recruited 100 volunteers to plant trees. Due to Coronavirus, specialist tree planters were invited to plant 5,000 trees at Shipley Park. Woodland Trust supplied the 5,000 trees.

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